Autumn symposium and AGM 2015

Textiles and Fibres through Time took place on Saturday, 21st November at the Helen Roe Theatre, 63 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.  The symposium was very generously sponsored by Magee, makers of fine tweed since 1866.  Here are some of the 'best bits' courtesy of Michael O'Connell:

webmasterahsi's Dublin Nov 2015 album on Photobucket

Textiles and Fibres Through Time was a thematic one-day symposium that brought together a variety of speakers from different disciplines. In the past, a wide range of raw materials including wool, animal hair, flax, hemp, grasses, reeds, briars, willow and bark have been used to create artefacts such as clothing, bedding, floor-coverings, sails, baskets, ropes and many other items. These activities have ranged in scale from craftwork to fulfil household needs, through cottage industries to factory production.

The aim of the symposium was to explore the history, archaeology, economics and sociology of the raw materials, production, and use of textiles and fibres, with a particular emphasis on Ireland.

The 2015 agm also took place at this meeting and our Chair, Michael O'Connell has summarised this information for members in pdf format.

Programme, readings and abstracts in pdf format
Abstracts and readings
Photos (c) M O'Connell