Annual Meeting Summer 2022


Developers and Developments in Twentieth Century Irish Agriculture

Dowth courtesy of Devenish Ltd.

June 2022

Photo courtesy of Micheal O'Connell


Presentation on the history, farming and vision of the Devenish Lands at Dowth
Professor John Gilliland
‘A Century of Irish Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities’
Professor Mary E. Daly

‘The “Hen Woman”: The Pioneer of Twentieth Century Irish Agriculture’

Dr Mícheál Ó Fathartaigh

Visit 1. The Francis Ledwidge Museum,
Francis Ledwidge was a war poet (d 1916) who had a very interesting life,  spending his early years as an agricultural labourer. As well as getting a conducted tour of his home place (now the Museum),  there was discussion on  the life of a farm labourer and the type of farming undertaken in the Slane Valley in the 1890s.
Visit 2 Dunsany Castle
Dunsany Castle is the ancestral home of the Plunkett family and where the present Lord Dunsany is experimenting in rewilding over 700 acres of the estate. This project is in its tenth year with some interesting results. It was a fascinating tour, led by the present Lord Dunsany.