Flowering Rye (c) Michael O'Connell

Professor Jim McAdam,

Dr Helen Sheridan,

Dr Mícheál Ó Fathartaigh,

Website and Social Media Manager
Maureen Kilgore,

All Committee Members (including officers)

Professor Patricia Lysaght, Professor emerita of European Ethnology and Folklore, University College Dublin

Professor Jim McAdam, QUB (Honorary position). Agricultural scientist with background in grassland ecology, agronomy and agroforestry systems. Current interests include farming on islands, the history of Irish agriculture and the impact of potential climate change on land use in Ireland and the Falkland Islands.

Dr Meriel McClatchie,School of Archaeology, University College Dublin. Main areas of research: Environmental Archaeology, archaeobotany and ancient foods. Profile

Dr Michael Miley

Dr Karen Molloy, School of Geography, NUI, Galway. Palaeoecologist specialising in pollen analysis of lake and bog cores. My research has focussed on long-term climate change and the role people have played in shaping the Irish landscape from the Neolithic period through to present time.

Dr Mícheál Ó Fathartaigh, Rural Economy and Development Programme, Teagasc; Social Sciences Research Centre, NUIG. Agricultural historian interested in modern and contemporary agricultural history in Ireland, including the development of the advisory services, the development of the dairy industry, the regional development agenda and structural systems in Irish agriculture.

Dr Dermot Ruane. UCD, School of Agriculture and Food Science, Agribusiness and Rural Development. Continuing interests: Agriculture, Farm Buildings, Farm Management, Rural Development and Applied Agricultural Sciences. Current Special Interest: Higher Agricultural Education Development in Ireland (19th and 20th Centuries).

Regina Sexton

Dr Helen Sheridan, UCD, Ag. & Food Sci. International and EU agri-environmental policy in relation to Ireland.